Walterboro Tennis Association

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WTA Committee Members

Grounds/Courts Committee
Kenny Rowe
John Waddell
Denise Mitchell
Chuck Murdaugh
William Snead

Youth Committee
Christy Martin
Becky Hooker
Dianne Fishburne
Allie Walker
Tami Odum

Tournament Committee/USTA League Committee
Chad Bishop
Leslie Bishop
John Waddell
Lessie Snead

Social Committee
Patti Lohr
Bonnie Thomas
Frani Kumar
Tami Odum
Stewart Goodwin (food/meal advisor)

Grant Search Committee
Martha UpChurch
Sallie Smoak

Community Liaison Committee
Martie Hooker
James Breland
William Snead
Lynn Murdaugh
Judy Bridge
Martha UpChurch
Phil Manigo

Suggestion Committee
Laura Bullock
Barbra Burgess
Carroll Godwin
Buddy Creech

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