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Message from El Jefe: New Court Equipment and Friday Night Lights

May 21, 2009 03:31 AM

The WTA has purchased replacement rollers for the Stay-Dri court rollers at Forest hills. Due to the cost ($35.00 each) and limited durability, we are only going to leave two of them out at a time.  For the time being, the rest will be hanging in the storage space between the restrooms.  We are going to try to build some type of hanger or rack so that we can leave a couple more in one of the restrooms.

The main reason for roller failure is flat spots that develop when the foam roller is left in contact with the court after use.  It takes as little as one hour to develop a flat spot in the foam roller (especially if the roller is wet) when it is left on the court surface.  Then when the roller is used again, the flat spot slides rather than rolls and cuts the foam down to the barrel rendering the device useless.
Please, when you use them, or see someone else use them, hang them back on the fence so that they will be available when needed.

In other news, we restarted our Friday Night Lights program last week.  Going head to head with the "Relay for Life" was probably not the smartest thing we ever did, however, approximately twenty folks came out.  We played some tennis, ate some hamburgers, talked about everyone who did not come out and generally had a good time.
If we could work out the bugs of scheduling and formatting, I think this would be a great way to get new players and the tennis community involved with structured programs.
If anyone has any ideas they are willing to back up with a little involvement, send an email to or give me a call.
The next "Friday Night Lights" event is tentatively scheduled for 19 June.
Very respectfully,
William Snead