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Message from El Jefe

August 11, 2009 12:53 AM

The First Good News:  The City and County have come to an agreement on the future of the Forest Hills Courts.  The County is going to repair and re-surface the Forest Hills (FH) and the Rec Center courts.  Then the city is going to take over the maintenance of the Forest Hills Courts.  As I understand it, the FH courts will be maintained by the City Parks Division.

Additional Good News:  The three pine trees between the courts and the road that were killed by lightning last Fall were taken down and cleaned up this morning.  They were taken down through a South Carolina Highway Department Contract to a local tree trimming company.  If you see Chuck Murdaugh anywhere, thank him for being a dedicated and conscientious civil servant.
More Good News:  The School District Engineer has agreed to configure and locate the school storm water retention pond fence so that it saves us eight to ten parking spaces.
The Challenge:  Based on the email (copy below) I received this afternoon, the Combo Team Captains and the Colleton Prep Varsity Girls teams are going to need to be creative over the next six weeks to make their schedules work.  In  fact, I believe this will present them a excellent opportunity to excel in their leadership roles.  I have deep faith that they can do it without skipping a beat.
From: Colleton Recreation Commission

I just received word from the county that by the end of next week, equipment will be delivered to Forest Hills for court reconstruction.  On Monday, August 10, the front four courts will be closed down for approximately 2 weeks.  2 weeks later, the front courts will be done and the back 2 courts and the Oaklawn courts will undergo reconstruction.  So by mid-September, all of the courts will be completed.

Please let all of the groups and individuals know of this inconvenience.

Dale Dougherty
Colleton Recreation Director

For the Team Captains:  I have lots of contacts in the LCTA.  If you have problems with reworking your schedules with the opposing team captains, let me know and I will help you.
William Snead
WTA President