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September 20, 2009 02:27 AM
Renovation of the Courts at Forest Hills and the REC Center is complete. They look and play great!  Courts five and six have a few dead spots but with what they had to work with, I guess it is good as we could have asked for.
Now that the courts are finished and the City/County have re-organized the recreation department and board, we need to figure out who does what, where and when with the day to day upkeep and maintenance.  I am going to request a meeting between the City folks and the Walterboro Tennis Association officers.  If anyone else is interested in participating, please let me know.
Lessie and I have been out of town for three weeks (visiting Little Snead in Denver and roaming around that part of the country). I understand that Mary Siegrist's 5.5 Combo team has won their league and will represent the LCTA at the State Combo Championships and that Lessie's 6.5 Senior Combo team has won the Saturday League and will play the winner of the Friday League to see who represents the LCTA at State. I believe the Combo State Championship are 16-18 OCT.
We will have a minimum of five women's teams (three day and two night league) playing Fall League Tennis in the Lowcountry Tennis Association (LCTA) Fall Season. In addition, Colleton Prep and Colleton High girls teams are playing their fall seasons.
I have plugged all the dates that I have for matches and practices into our Website Calender ( I know I am still missing the Saturday morning Seniors team.  If you are planning for matches or practices at FH, you need to look at the calender.  There are a number of conflicts between matches and practices (especially with the High School Teams) and some near overlaps.  I assume the team captains will work out whatever they need to do so that everything fits.
If anyone knows the the Colleton High School Coach's (Mr. William Singleton) email, please forward this to him and copy me.