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Registration for Spring Season and LCTA Meetings

December 19, 2009 04:21 AM

This email is being sent to captains of fall 2009 teams, to people who have told me that they will be captains next spring, and, in some cases, to captains from the spring of 2009.  If you will not be the team captain for the upcoming spring league, please, please, please, make sure this email gets to the new captain.  This email covers two important topics:  the LCTA Annual Meeting and Captains Meeting, and registration for the LCTA Spring 2010 Adult and Senior Leagues.

First, the Annual and Captains Meetings.  These will be held on Tuesday, January 7, at the Charleston County Main Library on Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston.  The meeting will start at 6:30 in the auditorium. Every team playing in the Spring Adult and Spring Senior Leagues should be represented, and you will learn information that will be helpful to you for the upcoming seasons.  In addition, it is also helpful for captains of other LCTA leagues plus the general population of tennis players.  So, try to come.  We only ask that you be there on time.

Second, teams can begin registering, via TennisLink, for the LCTA Spring 2010 Adult League and the LCTA Spring 2010 Senior League on Saturday, December 5th. Once the captain has ³created² the team in TennisLink, he/she should provide the team players with the team number so that they can register for the team. The registration fee continues to be $9 plus the TennisLink fee of $3, for a total of $12.

In accordance with LCTA rules, teams are limited in the number of people that are allowed to "play up"; i.e., at a level above the level of their rating.  For Adult League teams, the limit is four players playing up, and for Senior League teams, it is three.  Teams can request a waiver to the rule if there is sufficient justification.  Captains of teams desiring a waiver should request a waiver form from Ken Edwards at He will email the form to the captain who needs to fill it out and return it to him.  At that point, he will forward it to the LCTA Playing Up Committee for them to make a decision.  Teams should be aware that waivers will be granted only in rather exceptional situations‹generally because it would be impossible for a club to field a team at that level without an excessive number of people playing up.   This rule was not made to harass teams, but to provide a competitive match every night for all the players in our league.

In order to play in the Spring 2010 leagues, the team must be signed up in TennisLink by midnight on Monday, January 11th.  Furthermore, there must be at least enough players on the roster in order to field a complete team for a match.  Adult 2.5 and 5.0 teams must have at least five players on the roster; other Adult teams must have at least eight players on the roster; and senior teams must have at least six players on the roster.  Additional players can be added to the team after that date (until the start of the
last scheduled match for that level), but that is the minimum number of players for a team to be included in the Spring 2010 league tennis schedule.

Finally, the South Carolina rules require approvals to play in South Carolina for those people who have addresses with USTA that are in another state.  Further, if an out-of-state player plays in a match or matches before the approval is received, we will go into TennisLink and change the match score to reflect a default.  Thus, it behooves all captains to make sure that their players show a South Carolina addresses.  If the player truly lives in another state, then the player or captain needs to contact me as soon as possible in order to get a form to request the approval.  These requests require the approval of two people; so you may not get an approval in time if you submit the request only a day or two before the player is scheduled to play a match.  Also of note, players in South Carolina can play, like last year, at the same level on teams in different leagues (but not in the same league).  In case you are wondering, this does NOT mean that an LCTA player can play in both the Day and Night flights at the same level.

If you have questions, please don¹t hesitate to contact me.  We are looking forward to a great tennis year in 2010.

Bob Peiffer